Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ode to Allie

Ode to Allie

I once knew a girl
whose name was Allie.
Her life was a whirl,
always so silly.

With a smile and a hug
I got the Allie bug
and now I can't live without her.

Oh my Allie,
just saying howdy
is never enough.

My sissy you are,
My love is not barred,
You'll always have a place
With your lovely face,
in my heart and my family.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

The school year is FINALLY here! Kids were so excited. Justis was not appreciative of Nia and I waking him up this morning though. He told us that if we wake him up, he might be grumpy. Cute kid.

Anyway, here are some pictures of them before we headed out the door this morning.

(Imagine the Hallelujah chorus being sung here)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't say that at my Funeral...

I had been thinking recently that when I die, I might have a list of things that I wanted to be said at my funeral that were basically things that didn't matter much except that I could say them at my funeral.

Today, I had to cross one of those things off. Ok, it was the only concrete one I had thought of, but now I have to think of something else because I can't say this one anymore...

I can no longer say that I have never been pulled over and never gotten a speeding ticket.

That's right. You read me. Apparently the officer read me too and that's the whole problem. He read me doing 79 mph in a 65 mph zone. Yes, that is fast. But it was IN THE MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE! Plus, I had already passed the sign that says "Speed patrolled by Aircraft." I'll tell you, that officer was not in an aircraft. No sirree. He was in a real car. Yup. The one with the lights on top that you pass by and think "Bummer for him (the car just in front of the one I'm speaking of). He must have been going fast." Only it was me this time in front of that cop car (note that it was NOT an aircraft).

To my credit, I was very dignified about the whole matter. I didn't cry. I didn't beg for mercy. And, I was completely honest. When the officer asked why I was going as fast as I was I simply explained that I was on a long road trip and was not trying to go overly fast nor overly slow. Plain and simple. I didn't lie and tell him I had a deadline or was trying to reach my dying grandmother before she passed away. Nor did I say "I know why you pulled me over - you wanted to sell me tickets to the officer's ball, in hopes that he would answer 'No, officer's don't have balls.'" No, I was quite honest. I wonder if I should have been more honest (at least more forthcoming) about the fact that I had never been pulled over before in hopes that that may sway his quota of mercy. In this scenario, the status was Not Quo (if you know what I mean).

I had visions after the fact of what I might do if I could do it over again. Aside from the whole "not speeding in the first place thing," I could picture myself reaching my hand to shake his, congratulating him on being the first officer to pull me over, or maybe I would cut that out and just ask his name so we could be on more friendly terms. It's harder to give a friend a ticket, right?

One might ask how fair is it that on my first time ever (and I'm 32!) of being pulled over, I get a ticket when my dear brother-in-law whose name shall not be named... Let's call him Brad B. No. Let's call him B. Brockbank. So how fair is it that B. Brockbank can get pulled over like 20 times and only come away with 2 tickets (B. Brockbank, you can thank your wife for those statistics) when I get pulled over for the first time at my age and come away with one on the very first time?

But alas, I did the crime (so to speak - apparently it is not a crime, it is only a violation, thank heavens) so I'll pay the fine.

To the officer's credit, he was very respectful. Not too strict, not to easy going. He is what I would consider "A credit to the Law Enforcement of America." And today, he had to enforce the law on me.

Also to my credit is the fact that for the remainder of the trip, which was another four hours or so, I drove 5 miles over the speed limit. No more speeding for me.

To my husband's credit, he did not get upset at me for the $192 that we will pay to the community of Arlington, Oregon. This was wise on his part so as to avoid 1) tears, 2) guilt, and 3) a warning to lay off considering his number of tickets. He had just the right amount of sympathy mixed with the right amount of tongue holding so as to win points today. Honey, I really appreciate how you handled that today and I love you even more for that. :)

Well, I suppose if I never get pulled over and given a ticket again, they could always say at my funeral "She wanted it known that she was only pulled over once in her life for speeding for which she willingly accepted the consequence and learned her lesson. We should all strive to be more like her."

And after that one, they could say that "She had an amazing ability to Burp louder than most grown men." Hmmm... I'm going to have to think some more about that one. Dang it. I really needed the no ticket one.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Each night when I put my kids to bed, they each want to snuggle with me. I had an important revelation about this a couple of weeks ago...

Justis likes me to lay down with him and for the most part, we are just quiet. I snuggle him and give him kisses and caress his face. I tell him how he is my favorite buddy and we listen to his music playing. It only takes a minute of that snuggle and then he's ready to go to sleep.

After Justis, I go in to Nia's room. Nia wants to talk. She asks for stories or sometimes will tell me a story. Most of the stories are true - things about my childhood, her younger years, or something going on recently. For a while I was low on patience with her during this process because I was tired and just wanted to quietly hold her, like I do with Justis. After all, it is bed time, not time to talk.

Then, it dawned on me. Justis needs the physical "snuggle" while Nia needs an "intellectual" (or emotional) snuggle. When I realized this, I also realized that Nia and I are very similar in this way. Before I can truly enjoy a physical snuggle, I need an intellectual or emotional snuggle - a connection on a different level. After I have that kind of snuggle then I can enjoy a physical snuggle.

Since this realization, I have had considerably more patience with the process because I feel like I am better able to provide for my children the connection they need. We all want to have a connection but our connections come in different forms. Connections or "Snuggles" are a critical part of a relationship, but recognizing the type of snuggle the recipient needs is key.

What kind of snuggle are you?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

To my Mommy

Dearest Mommy,

You told me I should update my blog so here I am, updating my blog. Yes, I'm doing it while I am on a call. That's simply because I am ALWAYS on a call. One would think that I was born with a phone to my ear.

Your birthday is right around the corner. It's hard to believe that you're going to be 29 again. Wow, you are the same age as your youngest child! Does that mean you start aging with her so as to avoid the papparazi who want to take pictures of the woman who gave birth before her birth? I can see the headlines now (picture it in your mind - get creative!).

Remember that time when I was sick and I asked you to make some jello and you said that if I was well enough to eat jello then I could make it myself and while I'm up I should clean my room? Yup. I remember that too. The good news about this? I have one of those things that family will never forget either. Remember that time I told you that I opened one of my Christmas presents before Christmas because I was dying to know which movie it was? Yup. Me too. And apparently so does everyone else in the family. That appears to be my "jello" story.

For your birthday, I considered giving you the gift of NEVER bringing up that story again but honestly, I just don't know if I can do it so I went to Target instead. hehehe

Actually, the point of this whole blog is this...

Remember when I had cramps really bad and you let me stay home? Remember when I was really upset about not getting into BYU and you didn't say "I told you so" and you let me stay home? Remember that time I forgot my homework and you made an extra trip to school just to drop it off? (that's ok, I don't remember that one either but I'm sure it happened) Remember that time when we were at a Baby shower and I couldn't take it anymore and you stepped outside to cry with me? Remember that time you drove 1.5 hours to my house to hang out with Nia and I and to help me organize? Remember that time that you let us come over to eat at your house because I couldn't think of something interesting to make for dinner? (ok, there's been more than one of those times) Remember that time you went shopping and bought me clothes just because you found something you thought would be cute on me? Remember that time you folded my laundry for me because I had huge piles that had been there for a week? (yes, that was more than once too.) Remember that time you packed me a nice sack lunch for school and wrote a note on the napkin? (nope. I don't remember it either but there's a possibility that happened.) Remember that time that you babysat the kids for me and got strep throat from them? Remember that time you went shopping with me because I didn't really want to drive all the way out to WA Square? Remember that time that you dropped me off at college and didn't cry in front of me so I wouldn't cry when you were saying goodbye? Remember that time you trusted me to... (oops. can't say that one out loud) Remember that time you cried with me when I told you I was finally pregnant after years of trying? Remember that time you cleaned up my house because I was too busy? (oh yeah. That was today... and yesterday... and pretty much every day this week so far... and...) Remember that time you let the kids and I sleep at your house because we didn't want to be alone at ours? Remember that time you let me have all my friends over and eat all your food? Remember that time you got "stuck" at my house when it was snowing for a couple of days? Remember that time you picked up my kids with no notice so I could... go to a movie, stay at the warehouse, have a call, go shopping, or a myriad of other reasons? Remember that time you called and offered to take my kids to school just because you were in the area and thought it would save me some time? Remember that time...

Mom, I remember those times. (Most of them at least.) And do you know what I learned from those? I learned to serve.

I learned to pick up a friend's kids at the drop of a hat. I learned to cry with a sibling or a friend when they were sad. I learned to make jello. I learned to take dinner to a friend a need. I learned to be there for friends and family, day or night, rain or snow (especially snow)... for whatever, whenever.

Mom, you taught me to serve. I think you are one of the best examples of selfless and consistent service I have ever seen. I bet you spend at least 3/4 of your day serving others when frankly, you're at a point now where you could do anything you wanted to with your time.

I love you and thank you for your example. I am who I am today in large measure because of you. You continually amaze me at how much you give of yourself to me, my family, to our family, friends, church, community, and even people you don't know.

Happy Birthday, Mommy. I hope it's one you remember.

Love you,

Me :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I feel somewhat lame. I have become obsessed with the acquisition of an American Girl Doll for Nia.

When I was young, I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll. It was the huge rage at the time. I felt so special when I got one for Christmas. It was a big deal. I feel like the American Girl Doll is that way for our girls.

Now I spend considerable time scouring eBay and Craig's List looking for an acceptable American Girl that I can feel good about without making the full dip in the wallet and shelling out for a brand new one.

By the way, I did buy Nia a cabbage patch doll a couple of years ago. She could care less about it. :) She has a doll similar to the American Girl Doll though and she absolutely loves it. She dresses her, takes her with us when we go places, and puts me on babysitting duty when she goes to school. Ahhh... the life of mom. If it's not watching the kids, it's watching their toys.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wiggle It. Just a little bit.

This was too cute not to post. Enjoy!