Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bunda, Bunda, Bunda...

If you are family, you probably know what "Bunda" means. If you are not, let me enlighten you... Bottom, Bum, Butt, Derriere, Tush, Fanny, Keister, need I go on? "Bunda" is the Portuguese equivalent of all these. When Jason told me that word, I thought it was cool so in our house, we refer to our backside as "Bunda."

If you don't like Potty talk (not dirty talk... real potty talk), scroll on down to my next blog. However, if you are used to potty talk, read on.

My son has the sorriest bunda ever. Every time I try to change his diaper, he cries and tries to get away because it hurts so bad when I clean him. But at the same time, it hurts so bad for him to keep the poop (yes, I did say poop on a public blog) in his diaper because it burns his poor bunda.

He at least one sore that is really kind of an open wound. Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie. I am so grateful for toilets. Next week, after the diarrhea goes away, we is going to become a big boy. :)

If you have tips for treating horribly ouchie bundas, please leave your comments. Also, if you want to lament with me over his unfortunate state, please leave your comments as well. Misery loves company. :)



autumn said...

My daughter has had a rash since she was born. They come and go, but her skin is extremely sensitive. Because of this, I will admit to being an expert. Stick him in the bath after every poop. This will get any infectious bacteria off. After this, smother his bum in lotion. This will keep the skin from cracking. The cracks are what cause the sores. (Go easy on the soap, use it, but just a little as it can be drying.If it is severe enough, use cotton balls instead of wipes. The wipes can irritate the rash even more.) After this, apply liberal amounts of diaper rash cream. It is a taxing process, but I do it whenever Gracie wakes up with a bad rash and I have it under control within 24 hours. If the infection is bad enough he might need some cream from the doctor, which I find has saved both of our lives at times. Good Luck! He will get better soon!

Angel Brockbank said...

Andi, I heard that if you use that petroleum jelly every time you change a diaper that it prevents rashes. And it is good to use on rashes too cause it doesn't hurt when you put it on. The other suggestion I have is to call the nurse or take him in because if its that bad that it is an open wound, it might be infected, and might need to be seen. The other suggestion is definitely Neosporin (sp?), I'm a die hard fan of that stuff.

Leslie said...

Hello! I followed the link to your blog from your comment on my sister's blog (would-be-writer's guild). Anyway, I have a miracle cure for horrible diaper rash. It sounds crazy, but I promise it works: mix equal parts of Aquaphor and Mylanta, then apply liberally. You will be amazed at the improvement from one diaper change to the next!


Leslie said...

Hi, again! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope you don't think I'm some crazy nut, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today. I feel like I have a new friend!

In answer to your question, Aquaphor is a healing ointment. I've found it in the baby section of my supermarket, and also with the lotions. It is made by Eucerin. I've used the original ointment and the healing ointment and they work equally well. Here is a link so that you'll know what you're looking for:

Jen said...

So, I got to your blog through a comment on Leslie's blog, and I just can't resist the topic of diaper rash! We struggled quite a bit with this one when my second son was born. His little "bunda" was so blistered and red, he would scream every time I changed him. For one, I switched to Pampers "sensitive" wipes. It really made a difference for my son (I still can't use regular wipes on him). When it got really bad, I'd rinse his bottom w/water after every change, and then dry him with the hair dryer on low. He loved it! We tried every diaper rash cream, including a prescription one, and Aquaphor was the clear winner. It forms a nice barrier from the moisture and irritation. That stuff's a godsend.

Good luck!